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Web Analytics

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Analyzing Visitor Behavior

Online, almost everything can be measured:

- unique visitors;
- clicks;
- engagement:
- buzz;
- open rates;
- conversions;
- demographics;
- branding;
- time spent; and
- pages visited.

These are just a few examples of the many available metrics. Marketers and business owners like yourself embrace the very real potential of all this information - but often feel overwhelmed by mountains of data, or stymied by the technology that delivers the solutions.

So, how should you determine what to measure? How do you establish a data-centric company culture? How do you make sense of all the data, charts, and numbers and turn it into action? How do measure across channels - both online and offline? How can you forecast the profitability of your Internet marketing strategies?

How do you best evaluate your Web Analytics data? WSI can answer these questions related to your future web analytics strategy.

get a pulse on your industry and on your competition


Web Analytics isn't just about you and your business. Competitive data can provide an apples-to-apples comparison of you to your online competitors and your industry. WSI can help provide data that enables you to gauge metrics such as:

- the percentage share of industry visitors to your site;
- the campaigns competitors are running and how well they work;
- benchmarking search marketing;
- industry conversion rates; and more.

We offer our clients a customized Web Analytics Dashboard, allowing you to continually and constantly monitor site data OR we can send you a customized report every month with highlighted notes, comments, and suggestions based on Web Analytics results.

Analytics Dashboard


get into your customer's mind to gain greater profits


You can learn a great deal about who your visitors are and how they interact with your website. Web analytics can tell you how they arrived at your site - did they arrive via a search engine, follow a link to your site, click on your pay-per-click ad, or type in your website address directly into their browser? You can tell how long they stayed on each page, where they clicked, what pages they viewed as well as from which page they exited your site.

Once you understand visitors' behavior, you will be able to identify and eliminate navigational obstacles that slow down or prevent visitors from completing your conversion goal. The result will be an improved visitor experience encouraging more conversions. We can show you a scientific, logically progressive way to make more money online using Web Analytics.

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