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Victron's old site was not representative of their status and reputation. It was built years ago, rarely maintained and looked very old and simple. The company was embarrassed to show it to their clients. Also, they were not showing up on any searches even when their name was entered. Instead, other companies with the same name showed up.

Victron wanted to have a more modern and professional looking site that they would be proud to show to their clients. They also wanted to be found when people search for their industry in the major search engines.


This is an ongoing project. WSI designed a new professional looking website for Victron. Shortly after, WSI started a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for 20+ key phrases related to the company's industry. In addition, a content marketing strategy was implemented to keep the company blog updated with fresh, relevant content on a regular basis.


The new site is professional looking and reflects the company's image very well. WSI updates it regularly with new information that employees are proud to show.

The website was built using the WSI Business Edge platform, which makes site maintenance very easy. The website is constantly being updated with new press releases and content keeping the site interesting and fresh.

The site is now ranking at the top of major search engines for many of the targeted key phrases, contributing significantly to traffic and exposure. Most importantly, the company has reached global prospects due to WSI's Internet marketing strategy applied to their business.


"I would like to provide a very positive recommendation regarding WSI. WSI's efforts, consultations and advice has produced results that were quite surprising to us. WSI's efforts have translated to increased business opportunities for our company. Personally, I've valued WSI's collaborative/consultative style as well as their firm understanding of the channels across the Internet and commitment to offering practical, effective ideas for us to pursue. Thank you WSI!"

Craig Miller Director, Business Development
Victron Inc.


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