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Public Relations

our public relation campaign process


Our techniques and expertise are unique in the industry, and our public relation management methods are based on years of development by our veteran team. We know exactly how to get your materials to fill the top spots in the search results, utilizing proprietary and patented technologies and approaches.

The results are powerful: more control over your image when people search for your business, better and more positive exposure when people search for your business, and comprehensive brand control online.

Our Public Relations Process

Collect Data: We compile information about you and your goals for use in the creation of new content. You can upload information into our online dashboard—it's easy and only takes minutes. Alternatively, we can use publicly available sources such as your business website or social media pages.

Assess the online landscape
: We identify existing positive and neutral content about your business to push toward the top of your search results, based on your input.

Create new content
: We establish an elite team of experienced writers and editors to create professional, truthful Internet content that is consistent with your brand and image.

Review and approve: Before publication, we give you a chance to review the content we have created. You can make edits or send us suggestions for revisions.

Strategic publication: Once you have given your approval, we promote this new content and any preexisting positive content to the top of search results through proprietary online public relation management techniques.

Site customization: We painstakingly adjust the settings for all of the websites we publish to on a case-by-case basis, in order to maximize their ability to rank in the search results.

Staggered release: We carefully implement our content promotion strategies over a period of weeks to make sure that you receive optimal results in search engines. You may see initial results in your search results in as soon as two weeks after you approve new content, but the full extent of our work will take several months to become apparent.


Online reputation management vs.
search engine optimization


The expertise of our SEO strategies do not necessarily address the problems of Online Reputation Management (ORM). While an effective SEO campaign only needs to move sites that it controls up in the search results, WSI's Online Reputation Management program has to move a large number of sites we don't control, both up and down. In order to achieve this goal, we've established proven techniques, developing and testing customized technologies and proprietary approaches.

It would be incredibly inefficient to solely rely on standard SEO techniques to target each spot in the first page of results in the way ORM can. The expense would be 10 times that of a regular SEO engagement, and each of the sites in question would compete with the others, reducing their impact collectively. ORM is a much more nuanced approach that spreads promotional factors between many sites in order to build the right impression in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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