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iPhone and Android devices lead the mobile market by being the fastest growing mobile platform on the market today. Why not gain valuable market share or profitability through customized mobile applications? WSI can help with your iPhone application, Android Application, or ipad development needs. Mobile application features bring full featured browsing and advanced technology to your mobile device. WSI can basically recreate your existing website, or new venture right as an app. We will do the testing and show you how to test prior to launching with the customized application.

Take advantage of the current mobile application phenomenon by getting a mobile application customized by WSI. With millions of people using the smart Phones, it’s imperative that your idea or brand, product, service, or idea is easily accessible. It is easy to begin developing your own custom iPhone, Andriod or iPod Touch apps.

WSI excels developing mobile applications. We have a process that includes research, collaboration, planning, development, design, and quality control. We develop a wide range of mobile applications, and offer solutions for your business including:

- GPS Enabled Apps;
- Restaurant Reservation Apps;
- E-Commerce Apps;
- Social Networking Apps;
- Online Audio and Video Streaming Apps;
- Online Purchasing and Shopping Cart Apps;
- Google Map Related Apps; or
- Any custom application desired by your business.

mobile web use is exploding -
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We take mobile design seriously. Your mobile website is an extension of your company, and it should reflect the same branding and consideration that goes into your existing desktop site.  Mobile visitors are potentially your most important users, and they are evaluating you.  We make sure to incorporate logos, typefaces, content, and branding guidelines, and each mobile site is given a custom design. We provide designs that run on and make the best use of all mobile devices, from iPhones, BlackBerries, and Androids, to older text-only devices.

We also make sure your site is usable and effective. Mobile visitors are different than desktop users – they have different needs, different goals, slower connections, and less time to spend surfing the web. We partner with you to confirm that your mobile website provides the information, functionality, and experience that your mobile users need and expect. Mobile design is not just “shrinking the desktop” – it is a potential reevaluation of your users' goals and how best to meet them, and we bring our years of experience to bear in ensuring that your project is done the right way.

Online mobile use is predicted to overcome desktop by as early as 2015. Proper mobile website design allows you to take advantage of unclaimed market territory or connecting with clients, personnel and consumers in a way that is convenient and personal. Quite a value proposition, but it can leave you with many questions and few answers.  We can help.

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