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Mission Statement

WSI Core Values


At WSI, we strive to imbibe our company’s core values as a way of life by ensuring they are accompanied by specific objectives and performance measures. We will work for the success of our customers, our company and each other. We understand and respect the value, the contributions and the achievements of each colleague. We will support personal growth through education, training and new opportunities. We will never be content with who we are or what we have accomplished. We consider Integrity, Commitment and Innovation to be WSI’s core values or institutional standards of behaviour.



We will always remember that we are a service company. Our service culture is rooted in the practice of ethical behavior, the propagation of trust and the encouragement of teamwork. We remain accountable at all times to all our stakeholders, both internal and external. As such, each and every member of our value chain is held in the highest esteem as a part of who we are today and who we strive to  be tomorrow.

Through unquestionable honesty, openness, fairness and respect, we will endeavour to win the trust and loyalty of our customers. Our continuing aim is to go beyond simply responding to their needs – to anticipate and exceed their expectations is what we consider a worthy achievement.

We realize the power of the Internet and its benefit to people the world over but we are also acutely aware of the threat of its misuse. We strive to ensure that the Internet products and services we provide to customers reflect and uphold the family values of WSI. The WSI network and our suppliers share our values and do not provide for or support any solutions for individuals/organizations involved in unhealthy social activities such as pornography, child and sexual abuse, gambling, alcoholism, drug or substance abuse, racism, discrimination of any kind, any other malpractices that go against the social fabric of our global community.



At WSI, we align our management strategy to a consistent set of business principles and practices. In doing so, we remain committed to:


Our Customers - We make it our number one responsibility to focus on meeting the unique business needs of small and medium sized businesses the world over. Our aim to achieve customer service excellence is delivered through our distinct “global reach and local touch”. We seek to stay informed about the latest developments and challenges facing the Internet industry in order to educate our customers on the most profitable ways to benefit from its business potential.

WSI products are grounded in technology and innovation. We believe that research, development, quality and performance are the key to our future. We have earned and will continually strive to retain, our leadership in this industry. Our dedication to technology and innovation is motivated by the desire to provide services and products that contribute to the growth of our customers.


Our Employees - Our employees’ contributions to our success as an organization inspires us to motivate them further, personally and professionally as well as to be successful contributors to a high performance team. We aim to empower our employees with the skills they need to operate successfully and the training they need to develop as individuals. We do this through in-house and external seminars and training workshops, Personal Development Programs (PDPs), e-learning, employee get-togethers, the company’s employee portal (intranet) and community projects.


The Community - While our global operation in over 80 countries offers us a wide range of business opportunities and competitive advantages, it also exposes our company and corporate network to many social, ethical and environmental challenges. In keeping with our objective to be consistently perceived as a good corporate citizen globally, we endeavor to continuously learn about and respect the local culture, customs and best practices in all regions where we operate our business. We share in the responsibility of providing the world with new advancements.

With the support and cooperation of relief organizations, employees, suppliers and customers around the world, WSI aims to help make child poverty history. We proudly support the Make Child Poverty History program which works towards providing aid for nutrition, healthcare and basic education for children in villages. This global initiative is backed by our efforts to engage more corporations and organizations that share the same vision – end child poverty; one child, one village at a time.

Over time we will strive to expand our activities into helping educate children within Internet enabled villages.

At WSI, we seek to inform and educate the public and business communities on Web Accessibility through the media, client seminars and our 1000 plus offices worldwide. WSI is committed to assisting its customers to ensure their websites are accessible for people with disabilities by providing education, guidance, tools and techniques that comply with the worldwide W3C standards.

We strongly believe that our diversity profile across all levels of business operation must reflect that of the small and medium sized business community that we aim to optimally serve. For us at WSI, diversity is therefore, not just about gender, age, ethnicity or disability. It is to a large extent, about cultural sensitivities, open mindedness, thinking out-of-the-box and creating high performance teams. To that end, our experience and hence, also our long term commitment is to engage people (through employment, franchise network or supplier e-marketplace) with different approaches and skills in leadership and problem solving, innovation and implementation of ideas, relationship building and people management.


The Environment - The very nature of WSI solutions, all of which are Internet related products/services helps individuals and organizations reduce the use and consumption of paper. By virtue of the many thousands of websites that WSI is involved with, we make our contribution to the cause of preserving the environment.



At WSI, we always strive to ensure the highest caliber with the potential and aptitude that is required to keep pace with the dynamic and exciting nature of the Internet. In every aspect of our business we encourage and seek to inspire, entrepreneurship, the drive to succeed, initiative and adaptability. We do this in keeping with our mission to simplify the Internet and serve the growing needs of small and medium sized businesses globally. 

A strong entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to excel through innovation and continuous learning are paramount to the success of WSI. The WSI Global Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (YES!) Program was launched at the company’s Annual Excellence and Innovation Conference held in Orlando, Florida, October 2007. Through this program WSI will empower carefully selected young entrepreneurs to deliver what SMBs need - leverage Internet marketing, build their brands online and meet the shift in consumer culture. By encouraging youth to establish financial independence and stability we aim to also perform our duty as a responsible corporation in giving back to the global community.





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